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Ductless System Installation

A Ductless Mini Split System eliminates the need to install costly ducts throughout your home, as is traditional with air conditioning system and central heating. With a mini split system outdoor unit  connects to an inside unit through wires. Indoor unit then blows the air into the room, making it comfortable with maximum precision. The ductless mini split is adaptable and allows you to focus on one or several rooms from one outdoor unit.

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Benefits Of Ductless Mini Split Installation:

Quick installation

Since ductwork installation is not required, ductless mini splits are time saver to install, so they are up and running in no time

Personalized Comfort

Ductless mini splits allow for zoned temperature control, providing personalized comfort in any room where one is installed.Concentrating on only the required areas is reflected in lower energy bills

Energy efficiency

You can turn mini splits ON and OFF since they are specific to a particular area of your home. Because of this, these systems are not constantly running and cooling unoccupied rooms. This also helps to reduce your utility bills

Healthier indoor air quality

since there’s no ductwork with these systems, there is nowhere for dirt and dust to collect and be redistributed into your home as well with a better filtration

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