Kent WA

Kent, Washington, nestled in the heart of the Puget Sound region, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. From its humble beginnings as a small agricultural community in the late 1800s, Kent has blossomed into a vibrant, diverse city. Initially known for its lush hop fields, which were vital to the brewing industry, Kent’s fertile soil and favorable climate also made it perfect for dairy farming and lettuce cultivation, earning it the nickname “the Lettuce Capital of the World” in the early 20th century.
As the years progressed, Kent’s identity evolved, mirroring the dynamic changes in the Pacific Northwest. The arrival of the railroad and later the establishment of the aerospace industry in the mid-20th century brought new growth and diversity to the area. Today, Kent is a colorful mosaic of cultures and communities, offering a slice of suburban life with the benefits of nearby urban Seattle.
Among the thriving businesses in Kent, Seattle Heating & Cooling stands out for its dedication to comfort and quality. This locally-owned company, deeply rooted in the community, reflects Kent’s spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence. Specializing in creating comfortable living and working environments, they blend modern technology with traditional customer service values. Seattle Heating & Cooling doesn’t just provide services; they build relationships, ensuring that homes and businesses in Kent enjoy optimal temperature control year-round. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction mirrors the city’s own journey towards growth and excellence, making them a perfect representation of Kent’s community-focused spirit.


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Seattle Heating & Cooling
18640 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032, United States