Ductless Air Conditioning

No Central Air? Don’t Sweat it. Install Ductless Air Systems

Whether you are without central air, you’re adding on to your home, or you’re converting a living space, ductless air can meet your cooling and heating needs. Adding on to your home’s existing ductwork can be a daunting and time-consuming task. At Seattle Heating & Cooling, we offer ductless systems that are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Stay warm in freezing Washington winters and stay cool in the hot summers. With the flexibility of ductless air, you can decide which rooms to heat or cool. Why waste money on heating the spare bedroom when ductless air allows you to crank the heat only when guests are on the way? Switch to the efficiency of a ductless system in your home today.

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At Seattle Heating & Cooling, we understand no two homes are exactly alike. That is why we provide two options for ductless systems to ensure you receive the product best suited to your needs.

Mitsubishi Ductless Units: Mitsubishi’s ductless systems offer customers in Northwest Washington the option of a Zoned Comfort Solution® for each unique home. Rather than treat every room the same, these systems prize individual living spaces. This customizability offers a distinct advantage over central air, which can be costly and less energy-efficient. Select the unit that best suits your heating and cooling needs. The easy-to-install units are broken down into categories to help you find the one best fit for your home. See products for hot and cold spots, renovations, new construction, replacement, and light commercial spaces.

Lennox Ductless Units: When it doesn’t make sense to extend your ductwork, Lennox mini-split systems are a convenient solution. While some homeowners opt for window units to heat and cool individual spaces, Lennox’s mini-split option offers unparalleled security and convenience. Don’t worry about leaving your home vulnerable to insects, inclement weather, or theft. Trust the ductless mini-split system. With secure installation and compact indoor and outdoor units, everything is connected through a small hole in the wall. Lennox mini-split ductless air maintains your ideal temperature consistently. Ditch the aggravating starts and stops of a conventional system and relax in the ultra-quiet performance of Lennox ductless air.

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